B here is lovingly built on the belief that good things happen when people volunteer in their communities. So we've made the following basic features of B here available for free to all open groups:

Simply sign up and try it out!

For groups looking for advanced features (such as private groups and email/text messaging), we provide usage-based pricing.

An active member is any user who was signed up for an event in a given month, or who is an administrator for the group.

For many smaller groups, costs can be under $20/month. Pricing for one-time events can be even lower. Check out our pricing calculator for details.

St. Joseph church has a summer festival every year, and they need volunteers to set up tents, help with food service, and run games for kids. Organizers at St. Joseph set up a closed, invite-only group and invite their 100 most active members to join on B here. In the month before the festival, they set up an event and a separate schedule for each task with volunteers needed. During that month, 22 volunteers commit to helping with the festival, and organizers send out 8 email blasts to the 22 volunteers with various festival details. The festival weekend is a huge success, and St. Joseph church only incurred $2.56 in costs! ( [$0.10 x 22 active members] + [$0.002 x 176 email messages sent] )

Maggie Stillwater is running for Congress in the Chicago area. Her campaign sets up a closed, referral-only group on B here to find volunteers to help staff several campaign events, as well as ongoing events for a call center and neighborhood canvassing. Stillwater is very popular, and eventually the group has 883 volunteers working for her campaign! Her campaign sends out a weekly email blast to all the volunteers, as well as numerous text messages to volunteers with specific events. Over the course of a month, her campaign will incur $100.43 in costs. ( [$0.10 x 883 active members] + [$0.002 x 4 x 883 email messages] + [$0.02 x 253 text messages] )

A social advocacy group wants to run a physical presence campaign to protest injustice at a local establishment. They gather a group of 240 activists who will each spend 1 hour per month carrying a sign on the sidewalk outside the establishment during business hours. The group also sends out a weekly update email to the activists. Their costs will be about $25.92/month. ( [$0.10 x 240 active members] + [$0.002 x 4 x 240 emails] )