for Users
One-click sign up

Sign up with as little as one click by using your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account.

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Communication Control

Set how, and how often, groups can contact you about events.

Away status

Traveling? Busy? Set an away status to let organizers know you're not available at certain times.

for Organizers
Open or closed groups

When you start a group on B here, you can choose whether it is open or closed. Any user on B here may join an open group, while closed groups are only open to users who apply, who are referred by a member, or who are invited to join.

Multiple schedules

If you're coordinating a church picnic, you might want to make sure you have at least 2 people running the grills, 4 people running games, and 1 person at the first aid station all weekend. With B here, you can make a schedule for each task, so volunteers can choose how they'd like to help.

Multi-location events

Some events are complex and require coordinating many people across multiple locations. B here makes this easy by allowing organizers to set up an event with multiple locations and schedules.

Communication Tools

Event coordinators can easily search for groups of members and send targeted communications. For recurring events, send a message to members who volunteered previously.

for Developers

B here will be integrated with many third-party services, allowing users to add events to their Google Calendar, share events on Facebook, and more.


Allow users to sign up directly on your website, rather than having to go to the B here app or website, by embedding a sign up form on your own website.


For even more control, the B here API will allow creation and management of campaigns, members, schedules, and more. Coming soon!